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AdulTori Roundup

Filming Continues For True Tori On 8th Wedding Anniversary

Tori Spelling and husband Dean McDermott celebrated their eighth wedding anniversary on May 7 with the TV cameras rolling on the True Tori reality show, much to Dean's dismay. A source reveals: 'Dean just wanted to take a break from the filming for one day, especially on their wedding anniversary. He begged Tori to not allow film crews to film them on their anniversary, but she said it had to proceed, that they had commitments. To say he was disappointed is an understatement.'

The source also claims that Dean can't wait for the filming to be finished as he feels that the true healing between the somewhat estranged couple cannot start until the cameras stop rolling and the show is over. It's been a rough five months for Dean McDermott as he's tried to win back wife Tori Spelling after it was revealed he cheated on her with a 28-year-old Canadian woman.

Did Dean Hit On One Of Liam's Classmates Mother?

The couple have four children - Liam, 7, Stella, 6 next month, Hattie, 2 1/2, and Finn, 1 1/2. Dean also has a 15 year old son Jack from his previous marriage. Making the AdulTori situation even worse, sources report on that Tori's husband openly hit on a 'busty blonde yummy mommy' at son Liam's school in 2013, prior to his cheating scandal.

The insider claims: 'Dean began brazenly hitting on a hot mom in their son Liam's class. She is a busty blonde and always impeccably dressed, even for pick-up and drop-off. Before the cheating scandal made news, Dean was openly hitting on her. The mom also has a son in Liam's class, and the two boys have had play dates together,' the source confirms.

The actress is said to have only recently found out about her husband's alleged flirtations from some other mothers and is 'mortified that he was hitting on a mom at Liam's school' and 'even considering changing schools because of it.'

On Wednesday MailOnline exclusively reported Tori has been told she needs to have major spinal surgery.
She is stubbornly refusing to have the operation because she fears if she does, her life will spiral out of control more than it already has.

The actress has been suffering from a painful cervical spine condition and needs surgery, but she refuses to go under the knife, fearing that if she’s out of commission, her already troubled marriage to Dean will take an even bigger hit.

'Tori has two disintegrated discs in her neck that have been causing her extreme pain,' confides the source.

On Tuesday an excerpt from her mom Candy's new tell-all book Candy At Last, provided by RadarOnline, the 68-year-old matriarch suggested her daughter should stop blaming her for all her troubles. 'I also believe that there comes a time when you have to stop blaming your parents. Take responsibility for your own actions and attitudes,' writes Candy.

But she does admit to not always being the perfect mother. 'I see now that in my quest to be the perfect mother and create the picture-perfect life for my children, I was too focused on the bigger picture and not enough on the smaller brush strokes. … I feel badly that my children felt I wasn’t affectionate enough. I thought I was,' she writes.

'I see now that it would have been beneficial for the children to have had responsibilities around the house,' she adds. '… We really should have taught the kids to do more for themselves.'

The mother and daughter famously fell out before Tori's media mogul father Aaron Spelling's death in 2006.

'I was devastated about Tori and [Aaron] was angry,' she claims in the book.

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