SHOTS FIRED! Catfish's Artis & Justin Drag MTV & Nev

The sound is horrible because they shot this in a parking lot (???) with Justin kneeling on concrete (???) for half the video.

Here's a summary:
- Justin blames his personal problems on Nev’s “quality of character” (1:40).
- Their episode was fake (they don’t really explain why) (2:00)
- Justin owns a Chevy Malibu (not the Mustang he’s leaning on) (2:30)
- Nev texted Justin after Artis/Justin put out the teaser video last week offering him $300 to make a promo for Season 3, which Justin calls "hush money"(3:11) LMAO
- Artis doesn’t “want to get involved” with talking shit about Nev (4:35)
- Nev told Artis he would “get a lot of tail” after the episode aired (4:45)
Video source and me.