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SHOTS FIRED! Catfish's Artis & Justin Drag MTV & Nev

The sound is horrible because they shot this in a parking lot (???) with Justin kneeling on concrete (???) for half the video.

Here's a summary:
- Justin blames his personal problems on Nev’s “quality of character” (1:40).
- Their episode was fake (they don’t really explain why) (2:00)
- Justin owns a Chevy Malibu (not the Mustang he’s leaning on) (2:30)
- Nev texted Justin after Artis/Justin put out the teaser video last week offering him $300 to make a promo for Season 3, which Justin calls "hush money"(3:11) LMAO
- Artis doesn’t “want to get involved” with talking shit about Nev (4:35)
- Nev told Artis he would “get a lot of tail” after the episode aired (4:45)

- Nev has cheated on his girlfriend (5:15)
- They call out the casting process, nothing we didn’t already know. (5:25 - the audio is really bad for the next 2 minutes)
- They are super bitter they didn’t get a job from MTV after the show (7:40)
- Justin texted Nev asking for a job last week/being bitter and Nev replied: “Would you expect me to fly you out to LA to be my pool boy?” (8:50) It honestly sounds like Justin was sending a ton of texts to Nev and so Nev finally responded sarcastically.
- Artis “has nothing against the man [Nev]” (9:39)
- Justin [knows] "what a fucking yoga room is. It’s where women go to decompress. It’s like Cheer’s for them” and so he dislikes that Nev does yoga and then posts about it on Twitter (11:00)
- Justin has always wanted to be on TV (12:00) SHOCKER
- Justin texted Nev to tell him that Artis and him were friends all along and just wanted to be on TV, and they expected more from MTV after delivering the drama (13:00)
- Nev responded “stand by” via text (14:00)
- Someone calls Justin and now Justin is pissed because Nev won’t call him back, but instead some “queer” named Dave. (14:28)
- MTV wanted to make sure Artis/Justin weren’t going to bad mouth the show because of the bad press and “death threats” that were being sent to Justin’s girlfriend (14:50)
- Naturally, Justin calls Nev - again - (is Nev scared for his life yet? jfc) because Catfish is “Nev’s show”. (15:00)
- While filming the episode, Nev commented that he thought the ratings would be high.(16:50).
- “The last thing I want to do is to be remembered for that bullshit [Catfish]” (19:00)
- Justin would like to thank his fans. (19:31)
- Justin makes $11/hour and would like us all to eat a dick. (21:00)

And none for Max :(.

Video source and me.
Tags: catfish (mtv), nobody, reality show

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