Alfonso Cuarón challenges Mexican president/Kevin Spacey's new bff Enrique Peña Nieto to a debate

Oscar-winning film director Alfonso Cuarón challenged Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto to a debate on national television to discuss the historic energy reform that has been criticized by many in the country.

A week after the Mexican filmmaker released a 10 questions related to the reform for the president (see here), Cuaron asked a final followed up question: why not debate?

His most recent question appeared on a paid ad published on at least two national newspapers. Cuarón presented the possibility of holding at least three debates on national television.

The Peña Nieto administration answered the first 10 questions last week (see here), among which there was a question asking when would gas and electricity prices be lowered. The administration stated that in the case of gas and electricity, this reductions will be seen within the first few years.

Critics of Peña Nieto's reform claim that the reform has not been explained in detail.

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Meanwhile, Peña Nieto has a new bff:

source: Kevin's twitter
btw, Kevin clarified that he was in character as Frank Underwood when he tweeted that after some criticism...