Amy Poehler Roundup

Two weeks ago Amy's husband Will Arnett finally made the move and filed for divorce, following almost two years of separation. Both parties have now moved on with other people. Amy is dating fellow comedy star Nick Kroll, whilst Will, 43, looks to have recently found love with producer Erin David. According to TMZ, court documents reveal that Will wants joint legal and physical custody of their children. The move to officially sever their married life comes after over a decade of marriage.


Funnylady Amy Poehler and her boys, Abel, 3, and Archie, 5, spent time together at the farmer’s market Sunday afternoon (May 4). The Parks and Recreation star was in a good spirits as she walked around with her sons and a couple of friends.

Sleep is a thing of the past now that she’s knee deep in motherhood. “Now that I have kids, I’m up at 5:30AM no matter what. Sleep at this point is just a concept, something I’m looking forward to investigating in the future.” Poehler tells ELLE magazine.

Weeks ago, Seth Meyers and Amy Poehler went to dinner together, as friends do. They split the bill, as friends do. And then they accidentally took each others’ similar-looking credit cards, as friends do. But when Meyers gave back Poehler’s credit card, she failed to return the favor and continued to spend money with his… as identity thieves do.

Meyers has been documenting this saga, which he dubs Credit Cardgate, on Late Night with Seth Meyers. So far, Poehler has told him she’s bought a boat with his card (false), used his card to pay for a stay at a swanky hotel (apparently true), and sent him a delightful selfie featuring her, a fan of cash, and both cards. The prank had to end sometime, though, which is why Poehler finally returned the card earlier this week.
But Poehler didn’t give up so easily. At a recent benefit for leukemia and lymphoma research, Poehler got up onstage and said she’d like to make a $5,000 donation using Meyers’ card — but in her name. She then asked Meyers to come onstage to okay the donation, which he did. Now he and his credit card are together again.

Six years after Amy paired up with Tina Fey in the hilarious motherhood comedy Baby Mama. The two have another comedy in the works - The Nest, about two 30-something sisters who find out their parents have put their family home up for sale. No release date has been set.

USA continues to move away from "blue skies" programming: On Thursday the top-rated cable network unveiled its 2014 development slate. Following the recent launch of sitcoms "Sirens" and "Playing House," USA is also continuing its expansion into original comedy. The network has ordered a pilot presentation -- i.e. a shortened pilot -- of "Difficult People," from "Billy on the Street" duo Julie Klausner and Billy Eichner, who will star as "pop-culture-loving best friends who hate everyone — except each other." Amy Poehler is attached as an executive producer.

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