Jay. (jonesingjay) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Sean Lennon: Bizarre, futuristic, and dystopian


Last year Canadian dentist Michael Zuk handed a rotten molar from The Beatles legend to scientists so they could extract Lennon's unique genetic code.

Zuk - who purchased the tooth for US$30,000 - hopes experts will one day be able to clone the 'Imagine' singer.

However, Lennon's son Sean is unsure of the project and hinted it could end up the subject of legal action.

He tells NME magazine, "It's interesting thinking about what rights we have over our discarded DNA. Cloning in general is a legal area that's bizarre, futuristic and dystopian - and this about my dad's tooth definitely falls into that category."

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Tags: beatles, british celebrities, legal / lawsuit, music / musician, yoko ono
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