Katy Turns Up on her sold out world tour

The Prismatic World Tour has officially begun—and it kicked off with a bang beer!
The first show of Katy Perry's highly anticipated world tour took place last night at the Odyssey Arena in Belfast, and the pop star provided the kind of out-of-this-world costumes and jam-packed energy that fans are used to getting at a Katy Perry show.
But with such a performance, one can get pretty thirsty. So Katy decided to have a beer while on stage.
During the concert, she had a beer rise up from under the stage along with a guitar, an eyewitness tells E! News. Perry couldn't remember what kind of beer it was, so she joked that it started with a "T" for Tinder, and then looked around the stage for someone over the age of 18, and handed the beer to a male fan after she took two big sips.

After sippin' on a nice, cold brewskie, Katy was focused and ready to give one lucky fan the greatest gift he could receive. She brought a young man up on stage, who was celebrating his birthday, and while performing her new single "Happy Birthday" gave him a lap dance. The fan seemed eager to take advantage of the opportunity and slapped Perry's behind during her dance, the eyewitness tells us.
The concert was sold out with a capacity of 9,000, and she's ready to do it again tonight.
Perry instagrammed a photo from the show with the caption, "Ready for more [cakes] BFast?! I know you like it sweet, so I decided to really bring out the big [balloon] for you tonight! [kissy face]."
The Prismatic World Tour starts up in the U.S. June 22!