Unknown desperate indie act tries 2 come for the Queen Of Pop™

As the self-appointed ambassador of online kindness, Lady Gaga is known for keeping it cute on Twitter. Which makes the fact that she just fired shots at Katy Perry in a shady subtweet all the more remarkable.

It looks like green hair and mechanical horses are the thing now,” tweeted Mother Monster in a thinly veiled reference to her rival’s Prismatic tour, which launched in Belfast yesterday (May 7).

To put things into perspective, Katy rocks a fluro-green wig in the show and also rides a mechanical horse. So what? Well, Gaga arrived at last year’s American Music Awards on a white steed and she briefly rocked the same hair color for a shoot with Terry Richardson. Someone really needs to tell the ARTPOP diva that she didn’t invent hair dye or stage props.


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