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Connor Cruise on the Beach in Mexico (Daily Fail)

Connor Cruise shows effects of his partying lifestyle as he hits the beach shirtless sporting a fuller physique in Mexico

He cut his teeth in the acting world playing a tough teenager fighting off North Korean soldiers in Red Dawn.
But nowadays, Connor Cruise, 19, spends his time working as a celebrity DJ, partying across America spinning tunes to crowds excited to a catch a glimpse of the son of Tom Cruise.

And it seems that the actor-turned-DJ has been enjoying his partying lifestyle a little too much, as he revealed his fuller physique on Wednesday, at the grand opening of the Hard Rock Riviera Maya in Mexico.

Connor was seen partying with pals, and a mystery woman, as she showed off his larger frame in the sun.
It is a far cry from his toned appearance a few years back when he was planning to follow in the footsteps of his father Tom in the movie world.

As well as a pair of trunks, Connor was also seen sporting a gold chain and an expensive gold watch as he partied with friends on the beach.

He was also seen getting a light from a pal as he puffed away on a cigarette, something that his clean-living father Tom would surely disapprove of.

Connor recently spoke to the Calgary Herald about his foray into the celebrity DJ world.
He told the publication: 'I had to prove that I could read a room and I could go in there and rock the crowd.'

'Once I spent about a year and a half of playing around and certain nightclubs and certain promoters got to see the live shows, you can’t, there’s no lying in front of a live audience.'

Adding: 'You can either keep 1,000 people there for two hours or you can’t.' And it seems that Connor has been embracing the partying lifestyle full throttle.

Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2623540/Connor-Cruise-shows-effects-partying-lifestyle-hits-beach-shirtless-sporting-fuller-physique.html
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