One Direction have a pose together as they visit the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro


Stop what you're doing because something incredible has happened and it involves One Direction looking hot, sweaty and cuddling up to each other for some ridiculously bromantic photos.

Yep, the lads have been making the most of the Rio de Janeiro stop of the Where We Are Tour and even managed to sneak out for a bit of sightseeing. Naturally their first stop was the whopper of the Christ The Redeemer statue that hovers above the South American city and they even managed time to take a few snaps to send home to the 1D mums.

Bringing along their film crew, the lads caused a bit of a stir when they rocked up and whipped out their cameras ready to take a load of selfies with their main man Jesus. The pouts aren't the only things we would've liked them to whip out, but we suppose that might've been a bit inappropriate in front of Jesus and all.

Clearly loving being out together, they even got involved in the classic Titanic pose.


But if that wasn't quite enough to get your feels all of a dither, this then happened...
Yes, there are pics and yes, it did happen.

And then Zayn did smiling and vest-wearing, which frankly is a crime we would like him to commit over and over again.

He's not just a pretty face either and managed to get Louis involved in an excellent yet unintentional photobomb of none other than Harry Edward Styles.
So much better than a poxy postcard and a stick of rock.
Jesus Christ. In the literal sense.

Then there was Niall, who was showing off some ridiculously strong arm game. So much so that you'd should probably take a seat before you look at it.

Just look at that arm - it's practically the size of a thigh. A THIGH.

Not to forget Zouis, who were also bringing the arm game...
Despite the whole thing being a top secret 1D plan, you Directioners have some serious spidey senses and within about five minutes there was a whopper of a crowd there to try to get a glimpse of the lads.
Not that the crowds of people bothered Captain Sensible, who decided it was the perfect moment to work on his Instagram game...

HASHTAG SELFIE FAIL. Not that it matters because we often think Liam's eyebrows often don't get enough attention, but this really was their time have their moment to shine.
Yes, that is Niall James Horan pretending to be Jesus in a vest.
And yes, we are officially done.

So come on then - what do you make of all these snaps? Need a little lay down on the floor to recover after all that lot?


And let's all take a minute to appreciate Harry's sugar baby realness as well