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Classic! There Was a Mini Clueless Reunion on Tuesday

Most of the cast of Clueless reunited at the Los Angeles Film Festival screening of the cult classic Tuesday night.

Alicia Silverstone, Stacey Dash and Elisa Donovan were all on hand for the celebration and posted alongside the movie's director Amy Heckerling and stylist Mona May.

Silverstone looked like she hadn't aged a day (lie) since the 1995 film and was dressed in a silver skirt paired with a black T-shirt.

Meanwhile, Dash rocked a black dress with lace and fur embellishments and sported a lighter 'do than her days as the loveable Dionne Davenport.

And in typical Amber fashion, Donovan stood out in the crowd by wearing a hot pink tunic to the celebration.

In the below photo, the cast is posing with the winner of a Clueless costume contest. Her knee-sock game is on point.

With all the reboots and remakes going on this year, are there any plans to recreate the magic with a sequel to Clueless?(nothankyoubritney.gif)

"I'm game to whatever Amy has in store," Silverstone admitted during an interview with Wonderwall.
"I think that time has passed, though. I don't even know what Cher would be up to these days."

The film's 20th anniversary takes place next year, so only time will tell what's up the director's sleeve!

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