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Lady Gaga holds ‘artRAVE’ Q&A on Twitter


Earlier tonight Lady Gaga took to Twitter to ask her fans if they had any questions regarding the tour and to use the #askGagaARTPOPquestions hashtag. Here’s a recap of all the information Mother Monster revealed during this Q&A.

Q: Will there be more ARTPOP act II songs played?
A: We have plans to play some new songs yes, we like the show to grow and change over time in small ways. Especially the music!

Q: Who’s opening in Australia?
A: I can’t tell you yet, but it continues to follow the themes of our rave so far!

Q: Is there any way possible that you will be picking fans not from the ARTPOP zone to go backstage with you?
A: Yes a i pick a few people every night out of the audience that are not VIP! I have no rules where I pick from! We’re inspired by authentic raver gear, inflatable clothes +erect outfits. Alla Jeff Koons inflatable sexual contemporary.

Q: Are you gonna release a DVD from the tour?
A: Yes!

Q: How do you manage to stay as beautiful on stage?
A: I’M SWEATING MY TITS OFF YOU MUST BE KIDDING! Thank you :) I rehearse a lot so I can sing dance and play every night!

Q: Is Partynauseous gonna be released in studio version?
A: Do monsters want me to?

Q: Are you going to change the outfits of the artRAVE?
A: They always change a little bit as I develop more of a relationship with the stage I’m inspired to try new things.

Q: What’s the meaning behind the bedazzled pacifier?
A: Childlike obsession with creating.

Q: What’s your favorite part of artRAVE?
A: My favorite part of the artRave has been seeing ARTPOP come to life and the message of it translate. I really believe in it. How much fun you are all having with each other. Its my favorite thing watching you. It’s my purpose.

Q: Will the tour go through all the continents?
A: Most of them!! I’m so lucky!!

Q: Is the tour corresponding to your expectations?
A: It has exceeded many of ours. I’m proud, my team is group of blooming masters, we are supremely passionate and believe in it.

Q: What is one must have that you take with you on the tour?
A: Asia (her dog).

Q: What do you think about that ‘religious’ people protesting outside of your concerts?
A: They have the right to be there but I think they are intolerant and hateful.

Q: The octopus outfit hat, isn’t it heavy?
A: It’s inflated by air! Lighter than a feather!

Q: Why wasn’t dope on the set list?
A: Dope is not on for now because I wanted to have a happy kick-off.

Q: Who directed/photographed the visuals?
A: Ruth Hogben. She worked on The Monsterball films and my beautiful Elle shoot.

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