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Last CRIMSON PEAK update for a while :(

CRIMSON PEAK, Sunday, May 4, Day 20: "Get some rest," everybody said on Friday morning. Well, I did. Fell asleep for an hour in the car on the way back to Toronto. Fell into bed at 11am. Woke up 3 hours later and grabbed some breakfast. Fell asleep again and slept for 22 more hours, waking up at 5pm Saturday! I was rested, but really bummed because I'd slept away my weekend, and now only had a little more than 12 hours left of it before going back to work on Sunday morning. Not much time left for anything fun or otherwise relaxing. But I got a little done, mainly eating and watching a bad movie, and then hit the hay again(!) at midnight. Got a decent night's sleep and was back at work at 7:45am. Exactly 48 hours off work, with 33 hours of it spent sleeping. Not bad.

Being refreshed made all the difference, for all of us, I think. It was a pretty good day.

Of course, there was the hour-ish drive from Toronto back to Hamilton, and then an hour or so in makeup where the wonderful staff does everything in their power to keep me from looking like I really look. It's quite a transformation, but the hair stylists (Paula Fleet and Cliona Furey) and the makeup team (Patricia Keighran and Jordan Samuel) who work on me are so much fun, the time in the chair goes very swiftly. The makeup trailer in the morning is one of my very favorite places to be. I really miss my crew on SUPERNATURAL, but these guys on CRIMSON PEAK are a blast to be around, too. And everyone is always in such good spirits in the morning, especially.

By the time I got my black-tie-and-tails on (last day for this outfit! Hurray!), and got to the set, it was probably around 11am. Back we went, Tom, Jessica, and me, into the dramatic scene we'd left unfinished two days before. But this time, the props seemed to handle themselves in my hands with a finesse they hadn't had before, and the words managed to exit my mouth at a speed closer to what Guillermo wants, and everything fit together in a way it really sort of hadn't at dawn on Friday morning. We had mainly completed the master shot and Tom's coverage on Friday, leaving us with Jessica's coverage and mine, along with some insert shots of the things I'm writing in the scene. Jessica's coverage went pretty quickly, as I have most of the dialog in the scene and, with the camera off me, any dialog mistakes I might have made didn't require another take for Jessica. Only when they turned the camera around for my coverage did any failings I might have had cause problems. But, as I said, we were all much rested now, and my coverage (or close-up, as I don't recall many actors calling it) went smoothly. As I've mentioned, Guillermo is inclined to do a scene many times in order to get the nuances he wants, and he gave me a number of different ways of playing the scene. He'll decide which he likes most when it comes time to editing it. He did seem particularly enthusiastic about the last take, but then, that's always the way, isn't it?

So Tom and Jessica went home, and I stuck around for what was originally planned to be the only scene of the day, a dining scene between me and Mia that comes much, much earlier in the film. In fact, it's my first dialog scene in the movie. It's a short scene and I got to sit down for it all. It did involve eating, though, so I made certain to cut myself a small bit of potato that wouldn't be hard to deal with in repeat takes. I chose the potato over the chicken because we'll be here for hours and I don't want to eat chicken that's been sitting out that long. Of course, the prop guys are preparing fresh food constantly so that any piece we eat from is replaced with a fresh piece for the next take. But I've got a silly reluctance regarding food poisoning, so I decided to trust the potato over the chicken -- even though, the chicken looked delicious. Exciting stuff, this, isn't it?

So Mia walked and sat and talked, and I sat and talked and ate, and we did the scene a million times or two, and I got fuller and fuller on potatoes, even with the minuscule slice I was giving myself. And then... we broke for lunch. Which I ate, even though I was potato-stuffed. Who wants to have only boiled potatoes for lunch? By the time we got back from lunch, I'm sure I looked like the MIchelin Man, but there were more potatoes to eat. In such cases, often a hidden bucket is provided for the actor to spit out the food he eats, and I could have asked for one. But I didn't. Maybe because actors are afflicted early on with a worry about where their next meal is coming from, and it's very hard for those of us so-afflicted to pass up food, especially if it's free. So this wasn't the first time I've eaten even though I wasn't hungry, even though I was stuffed. Subconsciously, there's this little voice inside even the most successful actors, if they've ever been unsuccessful actors, saying, "Eat! Eat! There may not be any after this!" So that's the story of how I ate the 2014 Canadian potato crop.

Mia is so beautiful and so charming, and in this scene in particular, she's adorable. But so am I, I think. At least, that's what the scene called for. It's maybe the only scene in the movie with any real, solid comic sensibility to it, and we had a great deal of fun doing it. And then it was done, and everyone was happy, and the sun was still up, and we were finished early. For everyone else, that's a particular blessing, as they're working the rest of the week. For me, though, it's just the start of 9 days off. I've only got 2 or 3 days' work left on the movie, and those days are at the end of the shoot, next week. So I'm going to relax and see some good theatre and some more bad movies and make sure I'm ready for the last scenes of CRIMSON PEAK. More reports in 10 days or so.

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