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World Cup 2014 predictions - group winners and runners-up


The 2014 World Cup is just around the corner, and as teams all over the globe start their training camps to determine the final squads that will be travelling to Brazil, fans are already busy predicting what will happen once the tournament kicks off.

Brazil, Argentina, Spain and Germany will be among the favourites to lift the trophy, but a slow start in the group stage can quickly eradicate such hopes.

Here we predict which nations will advance to the knockout rounds. Be sure to share your picks in the comment section.


Group A: Brazil, Croatia, Cameroon, Mexico
Prediction: Mexico will gain an advantage from playing in South America, but Croatia are just too talented to finish below them. Brazil go top, and Croatia finish second.


Group B: Spain, Netherlands, Chile, Australia
Prediction: With Vidal, Chile could have been the pick here to pull off the upset and finish second behind Spain. No longer, though. Holland now have the edge.


Group C: Colombia, Greece, Ivory Coast, Japan
Prediction: Colombia and Greece tie on points for first, with the tiebreaker going to Colombia thanks to a superior goal difference.


Group D: Uruguay, Costa Rica, England, Italy
Prediction: Suarez fires Uruguay to the top spot, and England surprise everyone by dominating the Italian team in their match on their way to second. (lmao. as if.)


Group E: Switzerland, Ecuador, France, Honduras
Prediction: Switzerland control the group and take first, and France barely scrape by Ecuador to steal second.


Group F: Argentina, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Iran, Nigeria
Prediction: Argentina predictably take the top spot, followed by Bosnia-Herzegovina.


Group G: Germany, Portugal, Ghana, USA
Prediction: Germany finish first, and Portugal take second. All is normal with the world.


Group H: Belgium, Algeria, Russia, Korea Republic
Prediction: Belgium take the top spot, but it will cost blood, sweat and tears. Korea Republic shock the world to take second off Russia.

check the crystal ball source for details on each prediction

pre-World Cup post / gif spam / whatever you want it to be!
so... do these seem accurate to you, ontd? who will you be rooting for & who do you think will win?

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