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'Arrow': Katie Cassidy on Proactive Laurel, and Threat of Death [Episode 22 Spoilers ]

Laurel is finally getting in on the action.

It's been nearly two seasons on Arrow but Oliver's former flame became the latest addition in the elite circle of people privy to his secret Green Arrow life. Armed with this knowledge, Laurel -- clear-headed and no longer pill-popping -- has inched her way in as an honorary Team Arrow member. "Being a part of the action and being a part of the A story has been great," Katie Cassidy tells The Hollywood Reporter. "I can't wait to be a part of it even more."

In Wednesday's penultimate episode, "Streets of Fire," Oliver and his team attempt to put an end to Slade Wilson and his powerful Mirakuru-powered army. "It's like a gigantic movie -- action-packed, jaw-dropping. Things happen that are very unexpected and everybody's in danger. Nobody's safe," Cassidy says of the final episodes. "It was overwhelming to shoot, but it's going to be fantastic. Our audience is going to be very, very excited especially after seeing the finale. I was super excited after reading [it]."

In a chat with THR, Cassidy on Laurel's deepening love for Oliver, the likelihood of officially joining Team Arrow and how Laurel would react to news of Oliver's fatherhood.

How freeing has it been for you to have Laurel be in on the Arrow secret?

It's amazing. I'm so excited, so thrilled. When I read the script where Slade comes and tells Laurel that Oliver is the Arrow, I was definitely excited but at the same time it was like uh oh because when you find out who the Arrow is, sometimes you get killed off.

There's a sense that every time a new person finds out about Oliver's other identity, the likelihood that they'll find themselves in peril increases exponentially. How much more danger is Laurel in now that she's in the know?

There have been people where that has happened to and then there's been people where they find out and they're driven by that. For Laurel, in our last few episodes, she's more involved in the sense that she knows what the Arrow is doing and she kind of wants in on it. She's intrigued. Her reaction, her strength and where she's been this season takes and her journey takes it to a whole other level. She definitely hit rock bottom and she is at a place where she's gotten stronger and has a clear head. She's -- I don't want to say she's at her peak -- but she's on her way up.

Because she's been equipped with this Arrow knowledge, will she be a bigger part of Team Arrow moving forward?

I don't know, you'll have to tune in. (Laughs.) There's definitely a part of her where she's gotten to a place where she can play a role in quote-unquote Team Arrow. But I can't tell you much more than that.

Read the rest of the interview here. Katie is adorable, I love her.

I hope everyone is as excited about tonight's episode as I am!

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