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Richard Ayoade Hosts Reddit AMA

Hello. I'm a writer, director, and then sometimes I'm in shows.

My latest film is called The Double, in theaters & on demand May 9, here's the trailer:

And general info:

Should we start or something? I don't know. Ask me anything.

Thanks very much everyone - I have to go now and have a protein shake with Bradley Cooper and if it's not mixed properly he'll put me in a choke hold. Hope you're all well and remember that if The Double doesn't sell more tickets than Titanic they take away my family and the bottom row of my teeth.

What year do you recall this picture of you, John Oliver and David Mitchell?
I'd say it would have to be in the first year I was at university because David was in the 3rd year when John and I arrived. So that must have been 1995? Good gravy.

Hi Richard! Big fan of your work (so far!). A yearly ritual for me and my father is watching the Big Fat Quiz of the Year, and you're by far our favourite contestant on there. My question is in relation to that show, when the audience, and celebrity counterparts are laughing at a joke you make, how do you maintain such a straight face, without even a smirk. Any secrets?
I think I last laughed in the mid-90s, as in there's something wrong with me

What was your relationship like with Chris O'dowd on the set of the I.T crowd?
Erotic, intense, salty

Hey Richard! Great to see you here. As an actor, what's your real life IT skills like?
Thanks - terrible, terrible

are there any actors out there you wish to work with?
yes - Rick Moranis! I love him.

Hi Richard,
Firstly, thanks for doing this AMA! I'm a big fan of Submarine and, although I sadly missed the release of The Double, I look forward to when it's released on disc.
As I loved your appearances with the Mighty Boosh, are you planning on working with either Noel or Julian (or both!) in the future?

I'd always work with them - it just depends on what comes up - but I've really enjoyed doing the shows that they wrote. And thanks!

If they made a movie about your life, who would play you (other than yourself)?
It wouldn't matter because no one would watch that movie.
I dunno, I'd watch the hell out of it.
You might think you would, but nothing much has happened to me. It would be more like a screensaver

Has Noel Fielding ever dressed you up?
Despite appearances I'm an animate being. But yes, every morning.

What is more satisfying to you? Acting or directing?
I feel I have more aptitude for directing.

What question are you really hoping someone will ask today?
Did you know you are entitled to compensation for the ACCIDENT you just had?

What would you say are your biggest influences?
It's hard to say - but directors I really, really like include Orson Welles Ingmar Bergman Fellini Wes, Pt, and Roy Anders(s)on John Ford Preston Sturges Barbara Albert

And even more questions at the source.
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