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7 (4) Things Friends Fans Still Argue About Ten Years Later

You said you'd always be there for us! It's in your damn theme song! But you went off the air ten years ago, which means you lied!

Oh, you mean there are Friends reruns on 12 different channels? Fine. You didn't leave us. But you did leave a hole in our heart that no sitcom has been able to fill. Happy Endings had the potential to be that sitcom until ABC decided to yank it from our grasp as well. Thanks for reminding us, Friends!

Well, it's ten years later and there are certain polarizing topics that Friends worshipers like ourselves still argue about. Were they on a break? Did anyone like Joey and Rachel together? And so on. Join in on the argument with these seven things Friends fans still fight over. Pick a side!

1. Were Ross and Rachel on a break?

The Rundown: After Rachel and Ross get into yet another fight over her work schedule, Rachel suggests "taking a break from us." Ross goes out with the guys, and when he calls Rachel to apologize, he hears her coworker Mark in the background. He then sleeps with the hot copy girl, Chloe, but the morning after Ross and Rachel get back together. When Rachel finds out about what Ross did, he thinks it shouldn't count because they were on a break.

Our Opinion: Whatever Rachel said regarding their current status is irrelevant, and there is no excuse for Ross sleeping with someone else after his lobster suggested taking a break. Not only did he honestly believe Rachel would be hooking up with Mark hours after their fight (she would never), but he kissed Chloe, brought her back to his apartment and had sex with her. At no point during those events did he think he should stop? Ross, you blew it.

2. Which season is the best season?

The Rundown: So many iconic moments over ten seasons! If you had to choose one season to watch for the rest of time, what season would it be?

Our Opinion: Season four is the best season. It starts with Ross and Rachel getting back together for a hot minute and ends with Chandler and Monica in bed together in London. And oh yeah, Ross says Rachel's name at the altar while marrying Emily. So big couple movements on both ends. Plus, in between there is Chandler in a box, the big trivia competition ("The One with the Embryos") that leads to the apartment switch and, of course, "seven! seven! seven! seven!"

3. Most iconic quote?

The Rundown: Could there ever be a line of dialogue that could serve as the be all, end all quote for Friends fans across the globe?

Our Opinion: There will never be just one iconic quote, but if we had to narrow some down: "Pivot!" "See? He's her lobster!" "Here come the meat sweats." And finally: "Could I be wearing any more clothes?"

4. Who was better for Phoebe: Mike or David?
The Rundown: Phoebe met and fell in love with David the scientist guy in season one, and over ten seasons he kind of floated in and out of her life. He was the one that got away, and she almost ended up engaged to him in season nine. Mike came out of nowhere and was able to keep up with the "wonderfully weird" Phoebe. But he did break her heart by saying he would never marry her. In the end, she ended up married to Mike and they probably have nine kids now.

Our Opinion: Mike. No contest. Yes, the fact that Paul Rudd plays Mike is a huge help, though we love us some Hank Azaria. It wasn't just a timing issue, which Phoebe proved when she chose Mike over David in Barbados. They were each other's lobsters. Those who raise rat babies together, stay together. Everyone knows that.

The rest at the source!
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