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OKGo: Preview of the New Album "Hungry Ghosts" coming in October

We've made a new record. We'd like you to come in and experience it with us HERE!

Friends we are extremely excited to announce that we finally (finally, finally) made a new album. It’s called Hungry Ghosts and it arrives in the world in October via our beloved Paracadute imprint. And if you aren’t big on words or reading, you should just click the video above, where you will hear short clips of every single song from it. Good news, no? We think so. But that’s only the tip of the proverbial 21st century, wifi-enabled iceberg.

Because starting today you can pre-order the album right here, with the digital version starting at just $10. That $10 also gets you a steady stream of exclusive behind the scenes videos and messages from us along the way, plus a standalone EP (called Upside Out) comprised of four songs from the forthcoming album when that comes out on June 17.

But let’s talk about the iceberg in the room, and why this is so much more than just your average pre-order. Ever wanted your very own Converse sneakers hand decorated by by us? Or fancied a custom OK Go analog synth kit? Maybe a ride to a gig on our tour bus? Or to star (in the background of) one of our music videos? Well today is the day, friend. Just have a look below.

Oh and in full disclosure, we are holding back some particularly bizarre exclusives until a bit further into the campaign. Just to keep things interesting. And also because lawyers for major bio-engineering firms sometimes take longer than you’d like to approve stuff. But fear not. Since no exclusives ship until October, you can buy now and if something else comes along later that you’d prefer, simply exchange for it.

Thanks, and we hope you enjoy the ride.

- OK Go

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