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25 (5) Badass Moms Who Are Doing It Right

Great moms are, in many ways, superheroes. They bring us into the world, take care of us, love us and teach us how to be good people.

From big-name stars like Beyonce to everyday heroes like Cheryl Anderson and Angela Cavallo, here are 25 moms who are doing it right.

1. Angelina Jolie

On the list of badass celebrities, Jolie will always be at the top. She flies planes, rides motorcycles and is covered in tattoos, in addition to being an Oscar-winning movie star with loads of action films under her belt. But she's also a super mom, with three biological children and three adopted children from Vietnam, Cambodia and Ethiopia.

4. Beyoncé

Beyoncé was a superstar before she gave birth to baby Blue Ivy in 2012. But she laid low, preparing for an impressive comeback. She performed at the Super Bowl, sang the National Anthem at the presidential inauguration and released one of the most talked-about albums of 2013.

10. Tina Fey

This is the woman who gave you Mean Girls, 30 Rock and became the first female head writer of Saturday Night Live. Not only is she one of the funniest comedians in Hollywood today, she constantly tells hilarious stories about the weird stuff her kids do.

13. Hillary Clinton

The former First Lady and Secretary of State (and lover of pantsuits) is a feminist icon for her political strides and sharp wit. Plus, just look at her amazing Twitter bio.

15. Sandra Bullock
After winning an Oscar in 2010, Bullock's life seemed picture perfect. She was a newly minted American sweetheart and was in the process of adopting a son with husband Jesse James. Then, news broke that James had cheated on the star with multiple women, and Bullock subsequently filed for divorce. She carried on with the adoption as a single parent, finally bringing home a little baby boy named Louis Bardo Bullock.

The rest, including Michelle Obama (16), JK Rowling (22), Amy Poehler (24) and Sacagawea (11), at the source.
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