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O-Town Returns: See Exclusive New Band Photo

Last March, early-00's boy band O-Town announced plans to reunite a decade after breaking up, and on Monday (May 5), the guys are giving fans a glimpse of their future plans with their first official new band photo in years.

"We started this reunion purely for the fun of it," O-Town's Jacob Underwood said last March. "We had discussed a summer tour to perform our old songs and finally give the fans what they’ve been asking us for the last 10 years. However, once we began working, what developed was something a little more ambitious. The ideas kept flying and we couldn’t help but start making new music."

That's right, O-Town will finally be following up their 2001 self-titled album and its follow-up "O2" with a new batch of music as a foursome (Ashley Parker Angel is not part of the reunited group). Watch this new video from the band's first new photo shoot to get a taste of the "Making The Band" veterans' personal chemistry:

O-Town's debut album spawned two Top 10 hits, "Liquid Dreams" and "All Or Nothing," and has sold 1.7 million copies to date, according to Nielsen SoundScan. After a decade apart, the guys are hoping to recapture the magic that landed them on Top 40 radio years ago.

"We are blessed to be able to apply what we’ve learned to create something stimulating and beautiful, that we can call ours," said Underwood. "This isn’t just a reunion for us. It’s a new beginning."

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