'I Wanna Marry Harry' star tricks locals into thinking he's the REAL Prince in Memphis

While Prince Harry was celebrating the wedding of his friend Guy Pelly stateside this weekend, a Harry look-alike was touring Memphis as well and sending locals into a frenzy.

Matthew Hicks, star of upcoming reality show 'I Wanna Marry Harry', showed up in town to promote the show and confuse a few southerners at the same time. The dating show set to premiere later this month, follows 24-year-old Hicks as he dupes 12 American women into believing he's a real prince.

Over the weekend, Hicks visited the sites of Memphis including Beale Street and the Lorraine Motel where locals and tourists alike flocked to get their picture with the man they believed to be a member of the House of Windsor. While out on the town, Hicks admitted that he felt guilty tricking everyone into believing he was Prince Harry. 'I honestly hate the deception part,' he told My Fox Memphis, adding that many people who approached him lauded him for his military work and 'mom' Princess Diana's charity. 'I just, I feel really guilty.'

'It's quite scary. I'm genuinely glad I'm not an actual celebrity because it would be absolutely terrifying,' the prince's doppelganger added. When bystanders were informed that the man they just met wasn't really the prince, most were shocked.

Hicks also stopped by a Memphis morning talk show where he explained the show a little more. He says the women weren't told he was Prince Harry, rather just an eligible bachelor. 'Subtle hints were dropped here and there and they were left to come to their own conclusions and I had to play the part,' Hicks said. Hicks even spent a week learning everything about the party prince, such as his military training, schooling, scandals, and girlfriends so he could hold up the ruse.

When asked if he had found true love on the show, which was shot last summer at a country estate in the UK, he said: 'That's a big word. Maybe.' lol, no you didn't

'I Wanna Marry Harry' premieres May 27 on Fox