How Hayley Atwell Became Aged Peggy Carter for "Captain America: TWS"


After Hayley Atwell's emotional scene as Peggy Carter in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, were you also left wondering how they made the young actress look so convincingly old?

Well, wonder no more, as FX Guide have discussed in more detail how the affects were achieved.

Apparently, Lola VFX initially planned to achieve "Old Peggy" by filming Atwell with no make-up, "do a further shoot with old age prosthetic make-up applied," and then "carry out a digital facial re-projection of the 'old age make-up Atwell' onto her original body."


An elderly actress was also brought in "with the intention of seeing what real skin looked like; translucency, how does the skin sag, how does it move as she talks?" The artists then:

Took a still frame of the skin and tracked it onto the original photography, and it looked so good. The way we did it – it was amazing – you could still see Hayley, her eyes, her mouth, her underlying structure, but we just lifted the creases and cracks and age from the elderly woman and transposed it onto Hayley’s young face.


Check out Hayley's end result, plus some of the other incredible VFX tactics used in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, at FX Guide.


This is a QUEEN AGENT MARGARET CARTER post, first lady of Marvel, getting shit done and looking good while doing so since 1943.