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Day 13 and 15 on CRIMSON PEAK set

CRIMSON PEAK, Sunday, April 27, Day 15: Short weekend, only Saturday off, as we moved to a night-shooting schedule and transferred our location to Hamilton, Ontario. The lack of rest isn't doing this lingering cough any good, and my voice is raspy, feeling and sounding like the effects of sandpaper. Guillermo says he can't hear a difference, but I can. I can't hit my low notes. It's funny how a low voice can mask insecurities! The absence of true baritone in my voice tonight sounds girlish to me in my head. But if no one else is noticing, perhaps it will be fine. I worry a bit about matching my sound in other scenes. But then, the floors of this old house we're filming in creak so much that we will surely be looping (redubbing) all the dialog later anyway.

Two scenes tonight, though only one sequence. One is a brief discussion with my daughter (played by Mia), the other is a scene of greeting as we are joined by a family friend (played by Charlie). Our biggest worry, in my eyes, is safety. The first scene takes place on an upstairs landing and continues down the stairs. The railings around the landing and stairs must have been built for a much shorter race of people, as they barely come up past the knees, and present a perfect pivot point for people to bump them and topple over into the stairwell. It's quite unnerving, especially with dozens of people scurrying about. There's nothing to be done by way of safety nets or ropes, as the railing is in full view throughout the scene. But J.J., our 1st AD, takes his job seriously and gives us repeated safety warnings. We're all grateful when the night ends without anyone taking a header.

It's pretty much a walk-and-talk night. Some actors playing servants have to get my overcoat on me and give me my hat and gloves. But there's nothing much more complicated than that. It's a long night, though, and the sun is up by the time I make it back to my hotel. We're staying in Hamilton for the week, so I have to unpack before I can go to bed. There's no place to get anything to eat in the neighborhood at 6 in the morning, so I "breakfast" on Pringles and a Mars Bar before collapsing into bed. The glamour is overwhelming.

CRIMSON PEAK, Thursday, April 24, Day 13: Second of three consecutive days in the ballroom. This one is just like the first one in that it's hot, crowded, and there's very little sitting for about 15 hours. The biggest difference from yesterday is that instead of listening to Jessica play the piano, we're watching Tom and Mia dance to what Jessica was playing. That 15 hours I mentioned? Most of that was the pair dancing. The fact that both of them seemed fresh as spring flowers at the end of the day, and that Tom in particular seemed downright bouncy after endless takes of the pair whirling about, amazes me. I could hardly see, I was so tired and my legs so sore. Ah, youth.

Nothing much else occurred that was different from the day before. We went late into the night, and then, as we'd done on the first night, Tom and I met with fans who'd waited nearby all day and night in the cold for a glimpse. We did pictures and autographs with 20 or 30 hearty souls and then staggered off to our lodgings to catch some short sleep and do it all again the next day.

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