Jay-Z caught fingering Beyonce?

Getting older is a fact of life and no one has done it the way Jay-Z has, sharing his growth with the world. Just when it became safe to say Jay-Z was done making music, he redefines the game and drops a new album. Before this, Jay-Z made it cool for rappers to be committed to marriage.

Jay-Z and Beyonce are a happy couple and they share their love with the masses via photos on Instagram. Currently, “Part 2, On The Run” has taken off and become a big song heading into the summer. The song shows off their love and a different expectation from rappers.

To break it down, Jay-Z is so successful because he does the things other people never dared to. Because he did it, stayed proud, and believed in himself, Jay-Z is successful, highly. Maybe he started a new trend of pleasuring his wife and the photo leaking to Instagram after an intimate photo of him and Beyonce leaked.

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