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Diane Keaton: "I love Woody Allen. And I believe my friend."

Diane Keaton has addressed the allegations of sexual assault against Woody Allen for the first time since Dylan Farrow’s letter in The New York Times in February, which specifically mentioned Keaton and other celebrities who have collaborated with Allen.

“You knew me when I was a little girl, Diane Keaton,” wrote Farrow. “Have you forgotten me?”

In an interview with the Guardian, however, Keaton claims that “I didn’t know her… I saw her maybe three times. It’s not a bad accusation. I was never friends with Mia – I was friendly.”

But Keaton claims she wasn’t angry about being included in Dylan Farrow’s editorial. “They have to drag someone in. I don’t resent it, not for a second.”

The actress, who won an Academy Award for Allen’s 1977 film Annie Hall, did not respond directly to Dylan Farrow’s accusation that Keaton publicly defended someone who molested her.

“I have nothing to say about that,” said Keaton. “Except: I believe my friend [Woody Allen]. … I love him.”

Two years after Annie Hall, Keaton also starred in Allen’s film Manhattan. The two were briefly romantically involved, and remained close friends.

When the Guardian interviewer asked if Keaton is hesitant to show affection towards Allen publicly, Keaton responded: “No. No. No. He’s the strongest person I’ve met in my life. He’s made of steel.”

me when i read that headline

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