Mads Mikkelsen gives the Old West a Euro twist

international trailer for 'The Salvation' debuts at Cannes


Midnight movies can be a mixed bag at the Cannes Film Festival -- some are curios that go on to become genuine cult items, some simply sneak back to the place from whence they came and are never heard from again. The star factor alone of "The Salvation," selected for this year's festival, suggests it won't entirely disappear on us, but it does look to be a somewhat unusual hybrid: a 19th-century Old West revenge yarn with a distinct European slant, not least in the casting of Mads Mikkelsen, Eva Green and, uh, Eric Cantona.

Who is Eric Cantona and why is this obscure website making fun of him?

Mads Mikkelsen looks to be on typically tough form as Danish settler drawn into a blood feud when his family is murdered; familiar stuff, but I can't work out from the trailer if the film is aiming for kitsch genre pastiche or not. Looks quite fun either way.

I'm just posting this because Mads does such a great job at making himself look effete and alien as Hannibal, and I want the world to know he can also do a hunk when there's a call for it.