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First Look at 'Fallen'. Another love triangle for teenager .

Fans of the popular "Fallen" YA series by Lauren Kate have been begging for a film adaptation since the inaugural novel's release in 2009… and now it's on, it's happening.

The film adaptation began shooting earlier this year starring Addison Timlin ("Californication") as 17-year-old Lucinda "Luce" Price, who's sent to the Sword & Cross reform school after being accused of a crime she didn't commit. Once she's there, she starts having strange visions and, as should come as no surprise, she winds up in a bit of a love triangle, caught between Daniel Grigori (Jeremy Irvine, "War Horse") and Cameron Briel (Harrison Gilbertson, "Need for Speed"), who both turn out to be falling angels who have been vying for her affection for centuries.

Of course, Luce, Daniel, and Cam look exactly as dark and twisty — and totally gorgeous — as you might imagine. As Daniel broods and Cam looks sweetly upon the brunette beauty, who could blame the girl for being caught in such a predicament?

"Fallen," based on the popular series by Lauren Kate, and directed by Scott Hicks ("Shine") recently finished shooting and is slated to arrive in theaters sometime in 2015.

They looks like young Damon , Elena & Stefan.
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