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Don't give up 'Hope' yet, Lupita stans

An insider on Twitter has revealed several tidbits about Star Wars Episode 7 ahead of the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT on May 4th.

The insider claims that

- The full title of the film is ‘ Star Wars: Episode VII – The Order of the Jedi. The film was rumoured to be called ‘A New Dawn’ but that has recently been revealed to be an ‘in-canon’ novel to be released soon.

- Oscar Winner Lupita Nyong’o is also in the cast. She will be playing a character called ‘Asajj Ventress’ (char Wookieepedia entry). Nyong’o was not officially announced in yesterdays report but was one of the first names to have signed up after Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford.

- Daisy Ridley will be playing a member of the Solo Family.

- Max Von Sydow will be providing his voice only to a character that will run right through the new Trilogy.

- Luke Skywalker will be the ‘Obi Wan’ type character of the new trilogy.

- Han Solo is the High Commander of the New Republic

- Leia is now the ‘Queen Regent of the Republic’

- The Big bad is not a Sith Lord

Its expected that the Title and Story details will be announced in a press release on Sunday May 4th.

Pictures of Asajj Ventress from the two animated series


No idea if this is even remotely legit. So let's just enjoy a gif.
Tags: casting / auditions, rumors / gossip, star wars
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