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Lucy Liu talks about her directorial debut on Elementary

"Elementary" star Lucy Liu stopped by "Late Night with Seth Meyers" on Wednesday (April 30) to talk about this week's episode, which is her directorial debut for TV.

"It was the first time I directed on this sort of level," says Liu. "It was just an amazing experience and the most fun I've ever had. Nothing major went wrong, I think we had some weather challenges because it's been winter here for 10 months [ laughs].

"No, but it was great," she continues. "You know the crew and you know what's acceptable for hours and you try to make it as simple as possible. ... Then you show up the next day when you're not directing and after that kind of experience, you feel like you're doing nothing. You're just showing up to do your lines."

Talk turns to how many incarnations there currently are of "Sherlock Holmes"-themed shows and movies and that Liu was an interesting casting choice for Watson. Meyers really likes that there's nothing romantic between Jonny Lee Miller's Holmes and Liu's Watson, to which Liu cracks, "Chemistry can happen even from a friendship, you don't have to sleep with someone to make it happen, but who knows? Season 7 when we have nothing left, we'll just start sleeping with everyone in the cast."

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