Meg Ryan & Billy Crystal Reunite 25 Years After 'When Harry Met Sally'

When Harry Reunited With Sally! On Monday, April 28, one the most beloved onscreen couples in romcom history, Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal, "met" up at NYC's Lincoln Center to honor When Harry Met Sally director Rob Reiner. The pair, who brought the best friends-turned-lovers to life, had a fun time joking about their hit 1989 film and Reiner's integral involvement.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, that Crystal, 66, and Ryan, 52, reminisced over the film's classic fake orgasm scene at Katz's Deli, revealing that Reiner stepped in for Ryan to show the actress how it was done. Crystal, in turn, cracked that Reiner's version made him "a little excited."

The Oscar-nominated director, who is also known for helming The Princess Bride, Stand By Me, and A Few Good Men, also played a key part in the late Nora Ephron's writing of the film's memorable script.

"That was so personal to us, because many of the things that Harry and Sally did in the movie, Rob and I did as friends, which we just talked about and Nora [Ephron] was able to work into the script," Crystal told The Hollywood Reporter. "That bonding was very much Rob and I."

Crystal released his memoir Still Foolin' 'Em in September 2013, and Ryan was recently cast as the voice of the narrator in the How I Met Your Mother spin-off, How I Met Your Dad.

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