Vocalist Jennifer López Explains The Lyrics Of 2014's Song of the Summer, "I Luh Ya Papi"!!!

We Luh This! Jennifer Lopez was on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Monday, April 28, and together, the singer and show host deconstructed the lyrics of her latest hit single, "I Luh Ya Papi."

"Luh is short for love," Kimmel explained to his audience. "But it can be confusing, especially for older people who don't know the new lingo, the new abbreviation, so tonight, with Jennifer's help, I'm going to try to translate the meaning of this song in a new segment called, 'New Lyrics For Old People.'"

Wearing a leg-baring long-sleeve white bandage dress with sheer cut-out strips, Lopez, 44, started rattling off lyrics from her smash, addictive song in an accent and cadence similar to her recording. "I put it down for a brother like you / Give it to you right in the car that's you."

"Now that means, 'I would like to have sex with you in a motor vehicle,'" Kimmel quipped.

"That's right!" Lopez said, continuing on, "We can first give you some of this, that's you / And you're all that loving that J.Lo, true."

"Okay, that, now I don't understand. What does that mean?" Kimmel asked.

"That means you love me," she said bursting out into laughter.

As the two went back and forth, sexual innuendos—from erection to oral sex and more—spilled forth.