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Miley Cyrus Breaks Silence on Hospitalization: 'I was poisoning myself'

"I'm doing good. Much better. ... You have no idea," said Miley Cyrus calling in to Ryan Seacrest's KIIS-FM radio show. It's her first time speaking publicly since her hospitalization for an allergic reaction to medication.

The star explained: "I had gotten sick on the road. I feel like everyone's gotten this ongoing cough thing. ... It felt like I had a little bit of like the flu, cold situation. So they gave me some medicine. I was on this medicine for five days and everything was all good and on the sixth day ... it was so scary I woke up...When you're allergic to something you're poisoning yourself. I was poisoning myself. It was so scary."

She added, "I couldn't breathe."

But she figured she was fine when she wasn't. "I'm not someone that wants to lay down and get 100% better. I was in the hospital the one night and was ready to do the show and woke up and went back to the hospital and then left again and three hours later I was back having the same reaction. ... It was insane. I thought it was going to be a night, but it was five or six days."

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