Kylie Minogue Gets Remixed by Moto Blanco

Aussie diva Kylie Minogue is expanding her remixes into house territory with her upcoming single “I Was Gonna Cancel” being the select target. The Pharrell-penned track has been remixed by the likes of Rene Amesz, KDA, Maze & Masters, and Moto Blanco who provided a thumping anthem that is a throwback to her early sound. Moto Blanco’s remix provides listeners with a mix that turns the original into a dance floor killer, bound to lead Minogue into another hit on the dance charts.

Rene Amesz starts off with a steady beat that sounds off the sirens and dives into a deep mix. KDA, who has remixed London Grammar, provided a garage mix that felt as haunting as The Presets’ version. Maze & Masters presented a deep house version with minimum vocals from the princess of pop. Each artist brought their A game for Minogue’s funk-disco track and is sure to continue her #1 dance streak.

Listen down below to Moto Blanco and Maze & Master’s remixes as they create a new tune.

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I'm really feeling the fuck outta these remixes tho.