Kobe Bryant says he wouldn’t play for Donald Sterling

The entire NBA is weighing in on the comments allegedly made by Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling in which he made racist remarks and demanded that his girlfriend not bring African American friends to Clippers games or even associate with them in general.

Sterling is associated with African Americans since he owns an NBA franchise but players around the league would rather not associate with him. After Magic Johnson said he’d be boycotting Clippers games, the list of players saying they’d never play for the Clippers is growing.

Kobe Bryant, who shares a home stadium with Sterling and the Clippers, has weighed in and noted that he too would rather not ever play for Donald Sterling.

The Clippers could very well see their entire franchise implode if Sterling remains the owner as no one outside the organization wants to play for him and the players who are currently there will distance themselves. Kobe was once considered for jumping ship to the Clippers but it’s clear that those days are over.


I bet kobe totally disagrees with Sterling's treatment of women, since Kobe is known for respecting women.