Veruca Salt Seethe Again in 'The Museum of Broken Relationships' Video

Black-and-white clip showcases reunited alt-rock band's new Record Store Day track

Sure, this I Love the '90s rerun has been on so long our screens should've gone into sleep mode by now, but Veruca Salt were rare alt-rock radio staples who actually left you wanting more. The Chicago band's first album, 1994's American Thighs, already had a breakout hit with "Seether," but not long after 1997 sophomore LP Eight Arms to Hold You started bringing the group to a wider public through Saturday Night Live appearances and movie placements, the lineup began to disintegrate. A pair of '00s albums featured singer-guitarist Louise Post, but not co-frontwoman Nina Gordon.

Recently, Veruca Salt reunited for a Record Store Day release and a string of tour dates, and now they've shared a video for new RSD song "The Museum of Broken Relationships" (via Stereogum). Directed by Gary Kordan, the black-and-white visuals simply present the original band members playing in the studio, but their melodic crunch remains intact, and the song isn't all touchy-feely reunion stuff: "Jubilation, he loves me again," the frontwomen growl, flipping a lyric from another long-feuding musical pair, Simon & Garfunkel. "I don't care." Let the '90s nostalgia play a little longer; it's lonely in here.


Oh God. I love it so much.