Let The Plastiscines SLAY you with their new music! Listen to their new album right now!

The Plastiscines are back with "Back to the Start", their third album, released on April 28. Their sound is now more pop, sometimes tinged with electro, but still sweet and girly.

They're back! Anais , Katty and Louise had put water in his mouth there a few weeks with the EP of covers " The Rock Cover "as part of a collaboration with Black XS. Recorded between Paris and Los Angeles, this third album, "Back to the Start" succeeds "About Love", released in 2009. Atmosphere is now more pop, like the evolution of their counterparts Men's BB Brunes . Level output (/ somebody wanna translate the original article better?) the group is surrounded by the cream of the crop with Mirwais (Taxi Girl, Madonna ) RAC (Phoenix, U2 , The Gossip ) or alalal (Metronomy). We had met during a manic TwitLive where girls we had given some information on this new project: " For this third installment, the rock basics remain the same but we wanted to go a little further and try new things. In the studio, we worked with Juveniles, with whom we wrote a song , "they had said. the menu on "Back to the Start," a few times already known as "Blue Jeans" title Lana Del Rey and " Sexy Boy "by Air, which appeared on the EP" The Rock Cover "released earlier this year. Fans will also recognize the sound vintage rock 'How To', and electro pop of "Coming to Get You", two singles unveiled last spring. New unreleased tracks whose uninhibited pop nuggets "Ooh la la" and "Come Closer", the mid-tempo ballad "Tonight in London" or "Back to the Start" and the power tube "Upside Down" show that Plastiscines have evolved. Their music fits more now in our time, even if the influences are still there (Blondie, The Ramones ...). Texts (?) have also evolved, while remaining sour and female. " We went through a lot of things, traveling everywhere. Obviously, it does not tell the same things as 25 to 17 years , "explained Louise. At a time when the French music scene has no female pop group the Plastiscines should be able to win with "Back to the Start", successful new beginning. preorder the album is here .