Diane Keaton will be BFFs with Woody 'why isn't this pos dead yet' Allen "no matter what"

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Friends forever. Diane Keaton will always be pals with Woody Allen, no matter what, she said in a recent interview for the May 2014 issue of More magazine.

"I'm Woody's friend and I've been Woody's friend for 45 years," she told the mag of maintaining her friendship with the beleaguered director a couple months after his sex abuse scandal was reignited. "And nothing's going to change that."

Keaton's relationship with Allen, also a former flame of hers, traces back to almost five decades ago. The two carried on their romance for five years before it fizzled for reasons still unknown. Two years after they broke up, the quirky star worked with Allen on Annie Hall -- a role for which she won a Best Actress Oscar in 1977. She's also worked with Allen on movies like Play It Again, Sam (1972), Manhattan (1979), and Radio Days (1987). In January, Keaton accepted the Cecil B. DeMille Award on Allen's behalf at the 2014 Golden Globes.

In the decades following Annie Hall, 68-year-old Keaton has gone on to romance some of the biggest names in Hollywood -- both on and offscreen! The actress told More that she has "a list of all the men I've kissed," adding, "The only one I've missed, really, is Matthew McConaughey."

The single mother of two adopted kids -- son Duke, 13, and daughter Dexter, 18 -- further explained to More why she never married. "I told myself I wanted to," she said, "But I didn't really want a man that I could have… I wanted the dream."

Like Keaton, another Allen collaborator, Cate Blanchett, took home the Best Actress Oscar back in February for her role in Blue Jasmine. Blanchett maintained a relatively low profile during the 2014 awards season after Dylan Farrow penned a startling op-ed in the New York Times, claiming the director had abused her at age 7.

For his part, Allen refuted the claims in his own op-ed, slamming Mia Farrow for coaching Dylan into saying she was allegedly abused.

Another Allen muse, Scarlett 'face of apartheid' Johansson, defended the director in a March interview and said there was no "backlash" against Allen after the scandal re-emerged.


You're too old for him Diane sis, get over it.

For those of you that are ~conflicted about whether or not Woody is a creep: "10 Undeniable Facts About the Woody Allen Sexual-Abuse Allegation"

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