Most Disgusting Easter Candy to Get a Movie

Certainly one of the more unexpected properties to serve as the basis for a narrative feature, Deadline reports that Just Born, Incorporated's marshmallow Peeps are being targeted for the big screen. Underdog scribe Adam Rifkin has secured the rights to the sugary treats and will be providing the screenplay.

The Peeps movie is planned to take place on the eve of the annual Peeps diorama contest. The heroic lead Peep will have to journey through various other dioramas (and their respective fantasy environments) to return to its rightful home. Likened to The LEGO Movie, the Peeps film hopes to also make use of other intellectual property characters, although none have as of yet been revealed.

Originally created in 1952, Peeps have become a mainstay of Easter baskets and are now available in a number of different flavors and varieties.

what other unlikely property will Hollywood adapt next?