One Direction's Liam Payne follows up weekend of partying with cryptic messages online

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The 20-year-old was spotted partying at London superclub Funky Buddha on Sunday night, but used the taxi journey home in the small hours of the morning to tweet his fans.

“Nobody really knows me,” the boyband member wrote online.

He followed the cryptic late-night message with another tweet, which read; “God bless’.

He then added a ‘winky face’ symbol to his messages.

His final tweet was a ‘selfie’ photo of him by himself in the taxi home, hiding most of his face with a baseball cap.

Not unusually, the messages were ‘retweeted’ and ‘favorited’ on the social media network hundreds of thousands of times.

It’s not the first time the singer has posted a sombre message on his page.

When asked by about a gazillion Directioners what the frick it was all about yesterday, Captain Payngerous explained that he didn't actually know, but was 'a bit wasted' at the time. AH.

So a bit of a strange Easter all round then, eh Payno? YUP - he told another fan: "tbh it was the weirdest Easter ever I didn't eat any chocolate till like night time then I randomly ended up going out, fun." [sic]. We didn't eat any chocolate either, babes. Ahem.

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