Beyoncé Shoots “Secret” Project

She’s back at it.

Since springing a surprise album on the masses last December, Beyonce has developed quite the knack for shock and awe.

Indeed, in the months that followed the release of the mega-selling set, King B has made it routine to pop up at award shows unannounced, release unanticipated commercials, and be an all-round enigma.

It’s a trend that looks set to continue, if the shot above is anything to by.

Posted on Twitter by Beyonce Legion – one of the superstar’s most popular (and reliable) fan accounts, the collage shows the singer on set of an “unknown” project.

Could it be a new commercial? Music video? Or perhaps a visual for her all-but-confirmed tour with Jay-Z?

Yoncé I need more dance music this time.
Source: TGJ