Daniel Bryan father dies, WWE writes him off on 'Raw'

Monday Night Raw” this week, but he was there with heavy heart. Just after returning from his honeymoon with Brie Bella, WWE.com reported on Monday that Daniel Bryan’s father died unexpectedly. According to the site, Bryan refused to miss “WWE Monday Night Raw” this week and showed up anyway.

With his father dying, Bryan will have to deal with family matters so it is clear that he needs time off. The WWE dealt with that by achieving two goals with one segment. Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella opened up “WWE Monday Night Raw” and were interrupted by Stephanie McMahon. As Stephanie talked down to the two, she announced that Kane would get the title shot at the “Extreme Rules” special event.

However, things did not go well for Bryan after that. Kane’s music hit and despite Stephanie yelling for Kane to not come to the ring, Kane attacked from the crowd. Stephanie yelled for Brie Bella to run while Kane destroyed Bryan. He hit the tombstone piledriver three different times.

Daniel Bryan fought back and was resilient, but it was not enough to stop the now re-masked Kane. Kane hit the tombstone on the floor. He hit a second tombstone on the steel ring steps. After that, Stephanie kept yelling for him to stop only to watch Kane hit the tombstone on the announcer’s table to finish things off.

The officials came out and stretchered Bryan out of the arena. The “WWE Monday Night Raw” segment accomplished a couple of important details. The first thing is that Bryan can miss TV in the near future to take care of his family business and use the injury angle as a perfect excuse. Second of all, Kane has not been seen as a serious monster in over a year and this should change those perceptions. “Extreme Rules” takes place on May 4.
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