Tribeca Film Festival: Joss Whedon Fans Get a Surprise


Fans who lined up for the Tribeca Film Festival premiere of the paranormal romance “In Your Eyes,” written by Joss Whedon and directed by Brin Hill, on Sunday night were in for a surprise after the credits rolled: They needn’t have gone at all.

The film, Mr. Whedon was to inform them in a postscreening video, would be immediately available in digital release, around the world and in multiple languages, on Vimeo on Demand for $5 a pop.

Mr. Whedon, the man behind “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and the revamped “Avengers,” wrote and produced “In Your Eyes,” which stars Zoe Kazan and Michael Stahl-David as strangers with a mysterious telepathic connection, discovered when Ms. Kazan’s character is a child and her sled hurtles into a stand of trees. She grows up to become a discomfited housewife, he an ex-con with a heart of gold. A psychic romance ensues.

The film was produced by Bellwether Pictures, the small company that Mr. Whedon founded with his wife, Kai Cole.

A Special Announcement from Bellwether Pictures on Vimeo.

The release strategy for “In Your Eyes” echoes similar initiatives that have seen creatives take distribution into their own hands, as Louis C.K. did when he made a tidy sum off his digital self-release of concert film “Live at the Beacon Theater” in 2011.


It seems kind of weird that after all these years and the hugeness of The Avengers, the Joss Whedon tag is still called "Buffyverse"