Abraham Lincoln, Neil Armstrong – and Miley Cyrus – Feature on List of Greatest Ever Americans


The 100-strong list, compiled by 1000 Americans from all 50 states, featured famous faces from past and present, with the likes of Dick Van Dyke, Will Smith, Judy Garland and Eminem featuring alongside ex-presidents, inventors and authors.

The King even toppled the President – Elvis Presley featured higher than Barack Obama in the poll.

Other great Americans to feature on the list, comprised following a poll of 1,000 Americans from across all 50 states, include first president George Washington, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs and animation pioneer Walt Disney.

The youngest star to make the top 100 was controversial singer Miley Cyrus, 21.

“Abraham Lincoln is considered by many to be one of the greatest American presidents, and it also seems most see him as the greatest American as well.

“His two terms in office had a huge effect on America as we know it today, and his actions changed the country in so many ways.

“In fact, a large number of those to feature in the top twenty are politicians, either from the past or recent times.

“In comparison, most of today’s ‘celebrities’ could only make it into the second half of the list, with just a handful of recent singers, actors and TV personalities in the top 50.”

The list includes a string of politicians, sports stars, actors, singers and television personalities, while businessmen and inventors also featured.

But by far and away the most votes went to ex-presidents

24.   Oprah Winfrey

54.   Donald Trump
78.   Janet Jackson
80.   Beyonce

99.   Britney Spears

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