Jim Beaver shares his CRIMSON PEAK set experiences

CRIMSON PEAK, Wednesday, April 16, Day Ten: Skipping ahead after a few days off. My sister Denise brought my daughter Maddie up for a visit on Monday, and we've had a lovely time, though I've been sick through much of it. Today they went to the set with me at another castle, this one in Toronto. Both my sister and my little girl had been to sets with me before, but they'd never really had a chance to watch me work. I would have been bored out of my mind watching people say the same words and walk the same steps over and over and over for many hours. But then, I remember my first time on a set, and I didn't feel that way at all, so I'm hoping they had a good time. For them as well as for the actors and crew, it was a long day on our feet, and my feet were in pain by the time it was done, real pain, due to the wardrobe shoes I was wearing. They fit all right, but gave the ball of my foot a great deal of distress. Add to that being sick and not getting to sit down much, and I was wrecked by the end of the day.

My scene partners were Mia Wasikowska and Tom Hiddleston. It was my first time working with Tom, and our reunion confirmed everything I'd felt when we first met at dinner back in September, that he's simply a wonderful human being of great elegance and consideration. Mia is, as well, but despite the briefness of our time together, I've spent much more time talking to Tom. We had the most lovely conversation early in the morning, when he told me he'd read my book and remarked on various elements of it in a most kind way, quoting various lines from it. He met my sister and my daughter and completely charmed them, and after the movie comes out (NOT before), I'm sure Maddie will share the selfies they took together.

Guillermo charmed my daughter as well. She thought he was really cute, and she sat next to him at the monitor for long periods of the day. She kept coming up to me and asking, "Why does Guillermo keep telling me my dad is cool?" Her tone suggested GDT wasn't going to convince her.

I only had two lines scheduled today, but it took 11 or 12 hours to finish the scene, and my throat was on fire by the time we were done. It's Tom's first scene in the picture (though not the first he's shot), and he is striking in his first appearance. His top hat makes him remarkably tall. He's already taller than I remembered, but the hat adds another foot in height. I told him, "There goes my being the tallest guy on set," when he showed up. I started out in this business at 6' 1" (I've shrunk an inch or so since then), and I've always felt relatively tall -- until, that is, I ended up on SUPERNATURAL and now on CRIMSON PEAK. Ah, well, I was even overshadowed in my wedding pictures, with a 6' 9" best man.

Mia is a very sweet young woman. She's quiet. I don't know if she's shy, but she's quiet. We haven't talked much, but she's terribly sweet and cordial. She has a grace that I hope my own daughter can achieve. And she's a splendid actress.

Lots of extras, or background players, or atmosphere, as we variously call them. It seemed like every guy with a beard in Toronto must have been called. It was a busy office scene with lots of activity.

Late in the afternoon, Guillermo decided to shoot an additional scene that had been scheduled for later between me and another actor who shall go nameless. The original scene didn't have dialog, but GDT made up some lines on the spot, and we played the scene a few times from a couple of angles, and that ended the day. My beautiful daughter and beautiful sister seemed to have a good time, and if I hadn't been feeling so awful, I'm sure I would have, too. I love my work.

On my way to the car, a production assistant asked if I wanted to go an alternate route so as to avoid the fans looking on. I said no, that they had no idea who I was anyway, they were all there for Tom. But a minute later, a bunch of fans gathered around and asked for pictures with me. I was really surprised, though I still think they'd have fled me in whoosh if Tom had come out at that moment!

A good day's work, though a draining one.

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