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Who is your fav clone ONTD?

Attention ONTD Clone Club, here are some interviews with Tatiana Maslany, Jordan Gavaris (Felix) and Kristian Bruun (Donnie). Does Tatiana Maslany have a favourite clone to play? Is Felix getting a love interest? What was it like filming Donnie’s S1 torture scene?

Tatiana Maslany:

Do you have a favourite clone to play?
I like all of them! There’s not a favourite, but I really do like Rachel this season because she’s new flesh and blood to play with. They are giving her some really cool stuff. We’re kind of peeling her apart. We saw one side of her last year and our show kind of likes to show you an image and then destroys what you think of that person – or destroy what your presumptions are.

How have the clones evolved since the first season?
They have all shifted a lot last year and ended up in this intense place. They can’t go back. None of them can go back. Cosima is facing her own mortality. Helena’s dead. Alison is head deep in denial – she’s lost her best friend. What’s going to happen with Donnie? Sarah’s alone. I think that’s Sarah thing, though. That’s her journey. She’s always going to struggle with being alone and losing people. Paul (Dylan Bruce) disappeared. Kira (Skyler Wexler) disappeared. Mrs. S (Maria Doyle Kennedy) disappeared. Felix (Jordan Gavaris) disappeared. She’s in this same kind of thing that we saw her in at the beginning of the first season – she’s running and searching. She’ll destroy anything in her path to get to Kira. But she’s a different person than she was last year. She’s a lot more desperate.

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Jordan Gavaris:

Will we see Felix interact with someone new this season? Any romantic prospects?
Yes – there is a guest star in particular that he has some very interesting scenes with. I’m not allowed to say who or why. In fact, it’ll be quite different for him. The scenes with this particular person will be quite different. Fans are going to really like it. It was a stretch for me – I really had to dig deep. That’s the only tease that I’m allowed to give!

The show has become such a hit.
There is no key demographic for this show, and if there was, we’ve obliterated it. I’ve met fans as young as 15 and as old as 55, and probably older. My grandparents in particular, they watch the show but I don’t think they understand it. But they do watch it. I’m sure I gave my grandfather a heart attack when he saw my ass. It’s really multigenerational.

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Kristian Bruun:

Did you know about the twist all along? When did you find out that Donnie was actually Alison’s monitor?
No! Not until I read episode ten. I had no idea but I had been asking Graeme Manson and John Fawcett, the show creators, what the deal was, “I am in fact the monitor?” The whole way, even when I was getting tortured in episode six with the glue gun, they were like, “You know what? We don’t know. You might be the monitor, you might not be. Just play the information that you know, which is that you’re not the monitor,” which is a great tip for an actor because when you are not playing with any hint of knowledge of the character, you’re just going based solely on what the audience has as well.

How was it filming the torture scene last season?
That was the most fun episode of TV that I have ever filmed! Oh my god, it was so much fun! I spent days taped to that wooden chair with duct tape! I think my butt went numb from that wooden chair. It was just so much fun to sit there and…get tortured! I had never done a torture scene before. It’s a fun torture scene though, in that it was comedic. It was light. It must have been so much fun to watch as an audience member, to see someone get tortured with a sparkly glue gun!

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