Laura Prepon Will Return Full-Time for Season 3 of Orange Is the New Black

Lovers of steamy tension and thick glasses, rejoice. If there ends up being a third season of Orange Is the New Black (and how could there not?), Laura Prepon will return full-time as Piper’s on-again, off-again love interest, Alex Vause. Fans of the hit Netflix series were disappointed when Prepon announced last year that she would not be returning for Season 2. In fact, the fan outcry was so loud, Prepon and series creator Jenji Kohan worked together to fit Alex in to “most” of Season 2. And now, according to Buzzfeed, Prepon is all set to return full-time for Season 3. So brace yourself for more of this.

Both Prepon and her character Alex Vause have been under scrutiny this week. Prepon is rumored to be dating Tom Cruise and Catherine Cleary Wolters, the woman whom Piper Kerman based the character of Alex on, spoke at length to Vanity Fair about the inaccuracies of Kerman’s depiction. Of Kerman, Wolters said, “I was not Piper’s first, and I certainly did not seduce her.” She went on to say that she appreciated why the story was changed for TV. She said it was “so wretched and stinky, it would quite possibly result in a collapsed universe. So I guess it’s a good thing Piper and Jenji stick with the fun little tidbits.” We can expect plenty more of the fun tidbits to come in Season 3.*

*“I was not Piper’s first, and I certainly did not seduce her,” Wolters says, contrary to the show’s first episode meet-cute, which gives way to the fictional Piper’s dalliance as a cash mule.

Wolters and Kerman drank and went clubbing together. Kerman took care of Wolters’s cats when she traveled and shared in her tales of adventure, or served as a shoulder to cry on, when she returned. In her version, she and Kerman did not become romantically involved until after they had trafficked either heroin or money, for a network run by the alleged Nigerian drug kingpin Buruji Kashamu.

“When we were traveling together I started developing a crush on her. And eventually that turned into a crazy mad love affair,” Wolters says. “But that was after she had already done the deed that made her complicit.”

“We weren't girlfriends,” Wolters adds for good measure. “We were friends with benefits . . . I was not the older sexy, glamorous lesbian who snatched her from her pristine Smith College cradle.”

Eventually, Kerman parted with Wolters, met a man named Larry, and got engaged. When the feds came knocking years later with charges related to her past cash smuggling, Kerman struck a plea. She spent 13 months in a Danbury, Connecticut, minimum-security prison beginning in 2004, an experience that formed the basis for Orange Is the New Black. Wolters, meanwhile, was charged with conspiracy to import heroin and served almost six years in a Dublin, California, prison before being paroled in 2008. She is working on a memoir of her own, titled Out of Orange. Wolters has also written three novels.