Paris Jackson’s Mother Debbie Rowe’s Custody Battle Prompted By Michael Jackson’s ‘Greedy’ Brothers?

Paris Jackson's (biological) mother Debbie Rowe's custody battle was prompted by Michael Jackson's "greedy" brothers, according to a new interview with the former nurse. Meanwhile, Michael's son Prince Jackson will reportedly oppose the petition because he doesn't want to live with his biological mother.
Debbie Rowe has told TMZ that she expected the King of Pop's brothers to turn the custody battle into a money issue as Jermaine, Randy, Tito and Jackie accused her of abandoning both Paris Jackson and Prince Jackson when they were still little after taking Michael Jackson's money.
Debbie Rowe is scoffing at members of the Jackson family who claim she abandoned her children for Michael Jackson's money ... saying it's a classic case of the pot calling the kettle black.
However, Paris Jackson's mother insisted that Michael Jackson was constantly calling her for advice while raising their children. She also said that the recent attack by the Jackson brothers were prompted by greed as they stand to lose the $50,000 monthly child support from the Estate.
For his part, Jermaine Jackson in a TMZ interview claimed that Michael Jackson would be nothing without the Jackson 5. He also said that he didn't have to smooch off the Jackson estate because he made a fortune from the time they were still a group.
Meanwhile, Prince Jackson is supposedly "disgusted" by Debbie Rowe's plan for custody petition.
"First, Debbie wasn't around for years, and Prince doesn't consider her his mother," a source told Radar Online. "As far as Prince is concerned, Debbie was basically a surrogate mother."
Debbie Rowe earlier claimed that Prince Jackson is out of control because of lack of supervision from the legal guardian, 80-year-old Katherine Jackson, but the source said that "Prince has a 4.2 GPA and is on track to graduate with honors."

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Debbie needs to gtfo imo. if Paris wants to live with her then that's her decision and should be honored, but Prince and Blanket clearly want nothing to do with her and are comfortable living with their Jackson family, leave them the hell alone!