True Detective Officially HBO’s Most Watched Freshman Show Ever

While Game of Thrones is setting both piracy and ratings records for HBO, it’s predecessor, this winter’s True Detective, just officially set some records of its own. Now that all the ratings are tabulated, True Detective can be officially declared as HBO’s most watched freshman show of all time, with 11.9 million viewers.

Second place? It’s not Game of Thrones or The Sopranos, rather it’s Six Feet Under, which had 11.4M viewers its freshman season. We like to imagine HBO has entered some new golden age, and maybe it has, but in the days of Sopranos/Six Feet Under, it was still on top of the world in its own way.

True Detective will be back, of course, but it’s returning with an entirely new cast and case. The show is an anthology, and unfortunately, that means no more Rust Cohle. Will the show be as compelling without him and McConaughey? I’m not sure, but I’m certainly looking forward to finding out.