Russell Brand donates money to the Justice for the 96 campaign

There are very few pieces of good news when it comes to the Hillsborough tragedy, but comedian Russell Brand described it as a "tiny piece of justice" on Tuesday when he announced that he was going to donate money he won from suing The Sun to Hillsborough families seeking the truth:

The story will resonate particularly with fans on Merseyside, many of whom have not forgiven The Sun for the way they covered the aftermath of the 1989 disaster in which 96 people lost their lives.

Against a headline of "The Truth," Liverpool fans were blamed by the paper for causing the tragedy.

But in September 2012, as new evidence of a police cover-up came to light, The Sun (subscription required) published a separate story entitled "Hillsborough: The Real Truth."

It was announced in January, as per the Press Gazette, that Brand was suing the paper's Sunday edition.