New international trailer for "Deliver Us From Evil" (semi-NSFW)

(it's Edgar Ramirez as a priest; what else do you need to know)

Horribly mangled corpses, a depressed police detective and a piano that plays itself -- these are only a few of the hair-raising supernatural instances featured in the upcoming film 'Deliver Us From Evil'. Adapted from Ralph Sarchie's novel 'Beware the Night', the film follows the story of a New York cop, played by actor Eric Bana, who is investigating a series of disturbing crimes. Directed by 'The Day The Earth Stood Still' director Scott Derrickson, the film is slated to release in July this year.

oh boy, those accents. But it's got Edgar and Joel and my darling Sean Harris, so I guess I am the self-appointed resident stan for this very serious art film.